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So this is my current and very lovely desktop. Some info:

Antergos Linux using KDE Plasma 5.13, with the Dark Breeze colour theme applied. The wallpaper is from Wallhaven, a worthy successor to the defunct Wallbase. I don’t think the author named it, sadly. I love when they have names.

I prefer a vertical right-hand task bar. Vertical because it makes logical sense when browsing websites that only use a narrow strip in the middle of your screen – like this very blog! Right-hand because I tend to focus left first, English being my native language. The only drawback I’ve found for this is when you need to see the names of the windows/programs you are working with before you hover your cursor over the icons. At work, where I often have multiple Excel windows and other applications open I use the traditional horizontal/bottom setup.

My neatness-brain very much enjoys how the clock on the desktop sits precisely in the middle of that diamond shape. 🙂 Here is a good place to be if you also have a neatness-brain.

A neat little feature of KDE Plasma I really want to bring your attention to is what happens bottom right when you hover your mouse over the clock at the bottom of the task bar. If you set different time zones in the settings they appear here. Mine are set for all of my favourite people in the world, wherever they may be (Awww) so I know when to start annoying them. I’m UK based so my timezone defaults to London though that’s not the city I live in.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. Lovely review. This actually encourages me to try KDE again. It became clunky and buggy when they transitioned from 3.x to 4.x several years ago, so I ditched it in favour of Gnome 2.x, which suffered an even worse fate and drove me to Cinnamon and MATE. It made the same simple tasks take more mouse-clicks and key-entries to perform, and was less efficient with screen real-estate, RAM and CPU. I think Plasma looks like it’s matured, and hardware has now probably caught up. I might try dual-booting this distro alongside one of my existing setups. I currently have a laptop using MATE+TWM, a desktop with Cinnamon+Enlightenment, and a netbook with XFCE. I think it’d be unwise to just add KDE to an existing install, as it’d have to pull in all the QT libraries and KDE-specific programs, causing loads of mess and duplication!

    1. I was trying Linux at that time of that Transition! Woof, that wasn’t a good time! 3 was really lovely to use and then….it just all went to crap, lol. How unfortunate to jump ship to Gnome which then went through its own version of development hell!

      KDE is really nice and light now. No longer the resource hog of the past! And Plasma 5 is really nice. I do appreciate it very much. I was using Deepin before and while that was slick it needs more time to mature, I think. Or I do. Who knows? 🙂

      Yeah, that is the thing about KDE – it’s a whole ecosystem of apps and it can get very cluttered. I had a heck of time clearing out the Deepin stuff and then pruning KDE back to what I considered essential. But I’m glad I did it. KDE is great. I might look at a tiling window manager soon – I hear they’re all the rage now. But for now KDe suits me very well indeed.

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