Bathing In Irish Ear-Chocolate


So on my morning commute to work I listen to a bloke called Shawn Keavney on the radio 6 breakfast show. He’s usually quite funny, being a perpetual grump, although I find as time goes on he’s a bit repetitive. On my way home, becuase I usually can’t summon the will to change the radio station, it’s the legendary Steve Lamacq who, while being legendary, I find quite monotonous to listen to (I don’t really share his taste in music either). But this this week I found the will to make that change…

…to get some soothing snippets of the wonderful Irish tones of Louise Molony on Magic Chilled. Like many other Scottish breathing men I have a ‘thing’ for Irish accents. To try to describe it: It’s like having warm liquid silk poured directly into your pleasure centres. It’s…it’s aural chocolate. And lovely wee Lousie – who is doubly blessed by being proper gorgeous on top of being Irish –  just has such a cute little voice to go with that beautiful accent that it lights sparkly hypnotic lights inside my head.

Publicity shot, obvs, but holy god she’s a hottie.

Don’t worry, Louise. I know you are completely – nay, hilariously – out of my league (and I have no idea of your actual relationship status so I’ll assume ‘happily joined to someone’) but I do hope you’ll permit my ears to continue absorbing you from afar.

Here’s the lovely lady again in conversation with another lovely, funny lady – Comedian Sarah Millican –  who possesses another fond favourite accent of mine; the County Durham.

I make terrible tea, probably ‘cos I don’t drink it. Neither of you would enjoy it. *gags*

…and I’m never letting you eat crisps in my car, Louise. Filthy girl.

If only I could have been a a fly on the wall of that whole conversation…no, wait, that’s just weird; nobody enjoys compound eyes. Some kind of Lemur, perhaps? A Lemur just chilling out on the wall of that studio. Pay no attention to the Lemur, ladies. Just keeeeeep talking….

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